Let’s play KICK BALL with Gillis Kids !

Let’s play KICK BALL with the Gillis Kids ! We will be in the gym, so please wear tennis shoes/sneakers. Please bring your own drink/water bottle.

Please wear comfortable clothes. No tight clothing or yoga type pants (this is per Gillis).

This event is acceptable for outgoing, older teens and adults.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you !


Gillis Center is a healing place for at-risk children and families, providing education, counseling, social service, residence and emergency shelter. The children who live there, the boys and girls who attend their school-based day treatment, and the troubled families who go to heal; all have a story. Some stories are horrific and traumatic, some sad, some infuriating but almost all of them have the same ending: Hurting people made whole again at Gillis.

Gillis is part of Cornerstones of Care.

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