Quiche Lunch for Hospice House Families and Staff

When staying at home isn’t an option, Kansas City Hospice House provides a peaceful care alternative by providing medical and nursing care for patients facing advanced illnesses, as well as emotional and spiritual support for patients and their families, all in the comfort of a beautiful, homelike environment. It’s a place where many generations come together and where family members are relieved of caregiving duties and can focus on each other, while our staff attend to the patients’ needs.

We will provide a meal for approximately 45 family members and staff.


Today’s Theme: Quiche

What is needed:

1. Quiche – Mary
2. Quiche – Betty Ann
3. Quiche – Norma
4. Quiche – Dorothy
5. Quiche.
6. One large salad and dressing – Lisa
7. One large salad and dressing – Carol
8. Dessert for 20 -Christy
9. Dessert for 20 – Susy
10. Large vegetable tray with dip – Maggie
11. Hot vegetables.
12. Hot vegetables. Tina

When you sign up, please indicate below which food item(s) above you will bring in the Comments section below..

Please be firm in your participation commitment.

Note: Due to limited space we ask that guests also bring a food item.