Serve Lunch at NorthCare Hospice in the Northland!

NorthCare <a>Hospice</a> & <a>Palliative Care</a> provides <a>compassionate</a>, state-of-the-art <a>hospice care</a> for people <a>facing a</a> <a>wide range</a> of end-stage <a>illnesses</a>. Their <a>patients</a> are eligible for <a>hospice services</a> when their goal is <a>comfort</a> care rather than <a>curative</a> care. NorthCare serves all or part of the following counties in Missouri: <a>Cass</a>, Clay, Clinton, Jackson, Platte and Ray.

Serve KC <a>volunteers</a> provide <a>lunch</a> for the patients’ families to allow them to spend as much time as possible with their loved ones who are nearing the end of their lives.
NorthCare Hospice doesn’t have a <a>stove</a>; they have a <a>microwave</a> only.

NorthCare has 16 patient <a>rooms</a> but it is difficult to get an accurate count.

Please indicate by <a>making a comment</a> what you would like to bring.  I will then add your name and food to the list.  


#1.  Buffalo Mac & Cheese – SONNY

#2.  <a>Fried Chicken</a> – VALLORI

#3.  <a>Chili</a> & Football Cake – DIANE

#4.  Veggie tray & ceam cheese raspberry chipotle dip – WHENDI

#5.  Taco Dip – <a>GINA</a>

#6.  Side or Dessert – JENNIFER

#7   <a>Baked Beans</a> – RITA

#8.  Dessert – BETTY ANN

Again when you <a>sign up</a>, please indicate which food item(s) above you will bring by making <a>a comment</a>.  Please be firm in your commitment.  If you need to <a>cancel</a>, let us know so we can make sure we have all that is <a>needed</a>.  Thank you!

If you have <a>menu suggestions</a> for future lunches, please share them. We are currently serving once a month.

Here is a <a>map of</a> the <a>North Kansas City</a> <a>Hospital campus</a>:

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