About Us

Serve KC was founded in November 2010 with the intention “to increase volunteer choice in the community” and has grown from a few dozen to more than 7,000 members.  We recognize that there are a lot of people who want to get involved in supporting their community but just don’t know where to start.  That is where Serve KC comes in.  With the help of our volunteer leaders we make volunteering easy and fun!

What makes Serve KC different from other sites is that each volunteer opportunity is also a social opportunity to make friends.  We leverage the Meetup.com website to bring strangers together to volunteer as a group.  You will never be working alone and you will meet others who share your interest in serving and want to make a difference in our community.  We also work with a variety of local nonprofits, which gives volunteers a chance to try a wide range of organizations without making an ongoing commitment or go through an orientation.  It’s like the carpool lane for volunteering.  We encourage you to find an event that interests you, RSVP, and attend!  It’s that easy.

Our Mission

Serve KC is dedicated to creating an inclusive space for all people interested in volunteering by creating events that are easy to join, fun to attend, and build our community.  We utilize our time, talents, and treasures to assist Kansas City nonprofits in accomplishing their missions.

We Serve KC to inspire change.
We Serve KC to unite volunteers.
We Serve KC to develop leaders.
We Serve KC to build community.
We Serve KC to enable nonprofits.

Where We Volunteer

The list of nonprofits we volunteer at is constantly growing, based on the needs of local nonprofits and the availability of our volunteers.  Below are just a few…

Harvesters • Ronald McDonald House Charities • KC Hospice House  • Giving the Basics • Gillis • KC Autism Training Center • Habitat for Humanity of Kansas City • Micah Ministries • Happy Bottoms • The Urban Farming Guys • The Giving Brick • River of Refuge • Salvation Army • Johnson County Christmas Bureau • TFI Family Services • Operation Give a Bear • Phoenix Family • Operation Breakthrough • Cultivate KC • NorthCare Hospice • Sherwood Center • Powell Gardens • HopeBuilders • Spay & Neuter KC • Episcopal Community Services • Bridging the Gap • After the Harvest • JC Interfaith Hospitality Network • MS Society • Shepherd Center