For Volunteers

Are you interested in volunteering with Serve KC to help fill the needs of a nonprofit in our community?  To get started we have just two simple steps…

Step 1: Join our Meetup Group

The first thing you will need to do is sign-up for Meetup and join our group.  This is a very simple process – follow this link:  You can join Meetup using either your email address or your Facebook account.

Once you join you can set your member preferences for Meetup communications and upload a photo.  We recommend all members upload a photo because this will make it easier for us to spot you at an event.  You are now ready to browse our many different volunteer events and RSVP to any that fit your schedule!

Step 2: RSVP to your first Serve KC event!

So now that you are on Meetup and joined to Serve KC just jump right in!  Browse the list of upcoming events until you find one that suits your calendar and your interests.  We recommend using the Calendar view to see all of the events for the entire month.  Read all of the event details thoroughly.  If you have a question about something just ask it right there in the comments.  Don’t feel embarrassed, chances are someone else has the same question too. If you are comfortable with everything then just click on the Attend button and you are all set!  Now, don’t forget to mark the event in your calendar.  Meetup will send you reminders and the event host may also send you an email reminder with more day-of event details.  Please be firm with your commitment when you RSVP to any event.  The nonprofit organizations we serve are counting on us and we don’t want to let them down!

When you attend the event you will find that everyone in Serve KC is super friendly.  We are all at the events to do something good for someone else so don’t be afraid to talk to the other Serve KC volunteers.  Ask questions about what other events they have attended and which is their favorite.  You will quickly find that they are just as passionate about volunteering and serving as you.

But wait!  Don’t forget to also….

Set your Meetup communication preferences:

Be sure you get all the latest updates from Serve KC…. or don’t…  it’s your choice by the communication preferences you choose in your Meetup account.  Once you have signed into Meetup, you can access your communications preferences by clicking on My Profile -> Email & Notifications.  Or just click here.

Download the Meetup app on your mobile device:

Do you have a tablet or smartphone?  There is a free Meetup App for both iOS and Android mobile devices!  Once you install the Meetup app then just login using the same method that you used to sign in to the Meetup website.  Now you can take us with you wherever you go, get reminders of the events you RSVP to, and get driving directions to the actual event!

Looking for other volunteer opportunities?

After browsing our scheduled events, if you still can’t find what you are looking for then check out our Serve KC Volunteer Opportunities Listing Facebook group.  This is where we and many nonprofits post additional volunteer opportunities that are not listed on our Meetup site.

If you want to stay up-to-date on Serve KC happenings then Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and subscribe to this blog!