Be an Elf: Help Sherwood Center Families

Sherwood Centerprovides Special Education Services and Adult Day Services to children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and related developmental disabilities. ASD is a complex neurobiological disorder that typically lasts throughout a person’s lifetime. The purpose of Sherwood Center’s Special Education program is to support students to acquire and improve developmental skills in critical areas such as language/communication, activities of daily living, community inclusion, socialization and functional academics.

Two Center families have been adopted and they need your help to have Christmas presents.

Below is a list of family members and the items on their wish lists. Select the person’s number and line item(s) for what you would like to supply and indicate in the Comments Section. For example, I am selecting Taylor (4) sheets (d) so I have typed 4d.

Bring your wrapped presents (be sure to put the person’s name on the tag) yto the Stage Coach on Monday night. Socialize with the Serve KC community and support a great cause!

Thank you in advance for your generosity!


1. Tavion, Male, age 16:

a. Shoes:  Size 12 men. Sue Koster

b. Pants:  Size 36×32. Sue Koster

c. Shirt:  XL men’s. Sue Koster, Kelly

d. Blankets, pillow (twin). Sue Koster

e. Watch. – Aaron

f. Game System.

g. Twin bed sheets/pillowcase.  – Aaron

2. Tayson, Male, age 12:

a. Shoes:  Size 11 men’s. Tina

b. Pants:  34×32. Tina

c. Shirt:  XL Men’s. Tina

d. Jacket:  XL Men’s – Tina

e. Blankets, pillow (twin). Tina

f. Headphones. Lisa

g. Watch. – Aaron

h. Weights. Lisa

i. Necklace with cross. Kelly

j. Socks/boxers. Tina

k. Twin bed sheets/pillowcase. – Aaron

3. Tania, Female, age 11:

a. Pants:  Size 3 women’s. Tina

b. Shirt:  Small women’s .Tina

c. Lava lamp. Sue Koster

d. Books. Tina

e. Underwear. Tina

f. Twin bed sheets/pillowcase. Vicki

4. Taylor, Female age 5.

a. Shoes:  Size 1 kids. Sue Koster

b. Blankets, pillow. Tina

c. Pink or purple bean bag chair. Tina

d. Twin bed sheets/pillowcase. – Tina

5. Shayla, mom.

a. Shoes:  Size 11 W women’s. Sue

b. Pants:  22 women – Jill 

c. Shirt:  2x Women. Karen

d. Household items (dishes, pictures for the wall). Valerie

e. Pillow, blankets. Tina

f. Boots:  11W women’s – Jill

g. Rice cooker. Tina

h. Blue ray player. Sue

i. $50 Price Chopper or Walmart gift card. Lucille

j. Queen bed sheets/pillowcases. Sue Koster

6. Barbara, grandmother:

a. Shoes:  Size 9 women’s. Lynn

b. Pants:  Size 12 women’s. Karen

c. Shirt:  Size 1X. Slicey

d. Pillow, blankets. Sue Koster, Vicki

e. Toaster oven. Lynn

f. Pajamas. Carole Thomas

g. Watch with big numbers. Carole Thomas

h. Crock pot. Tina

i. Queen bed sheets/pillowcases. Sue Koster

7. Alan, Male, age 9:

a. Pants:  34×30 men’s. Sue Koster

b. Shirts:  Large. Sue Koster

c. Shoes:  Size 8. Sue Kostar

d. Ninja turtles – Jill, Kelly

e. Cars – Jill, Kelly

f. Nerf stuff.  – Genevieve

g. Bike.

8. Lonnie, Male, age 7.

a. Pants:  Size 8. Karen

b. T-shirts:  Size 8. Karen

c. Ninja turtles. – Genevieve

d. Bike. – Carol

9. Jonte, Male age 1:

a. Shoes:  Size 1. Sue Koster

b. Coat. Sue Koster

c. Riding toy. Sue Koster

d. Educational toys (v-tech). Sue Koster

10. Estasha, mom.

a. Bedding – King. Carol Martin

b. Curtains – Jill

c. Perfume – Jill.

d. Shoes:  Size 10 – Jill

e. Clothes:  2X – Jill, Karen

f. Vacuum. Tina

g. Dishes. Lucille

h. $50 gift card to Price Chopper or Walmart. Valerie

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