Grill Out & Games with Gillis Kids !

Let’s have a Summertime Grill Out & Old Fashioned Game evening with the Gillis Kids ! This is an outdoor event. Potato sack races, croquet, badminton, Clothes race, etc.   Do you have any outdoor games you could bring? (no sharp lawn darts) How about Bubbles? Or Sidewalk Chalk?   Please indicate if you’d like to lead games with the kids (staff will always be with us).

We will feed 60 people, including staff (and ourselves if there is enough). Dinner will be served at 5:30pm. Games, hanging out, etc until 7:30pm.

Please choose a food item from the below list, indicate your selection on the comment and have it prepared and ready to eat that evening. (Hamburgers will be donated).

 #1 – 2 watermelons, cut in bite size pieces, ice cold

#2 – 4 packages hot dogs, 2 packages cheese slices

#3 – 8 packages hamburger buns, 4 packages hot dog buns, jar sweet relish (cheap at aldi)

#4 – 1 jar pickle slices, 1 onion sliced thinly, 3 sliced tomatoes, 1 washed/separated lettuce head (cheap at aldi) prepared to serve (arrange on paper plates or bowls etc)

#5 – 4 people each make/buy desserts for 20 (2 people bring cookies, popsicles for 20) (Cee= cupcakes)

#6 – 4 people each make/buy large side dish (to feed 20) (ie bbq beans, potato salad, pasta salad, crock pot cooked green beans or cooked corn/corn on the cob), etc.   (Joni = Mac & Cheese, Jill = Tater Salad). Nothing containing nuts.

I need 2 grillers to be there at 4:30pm to start cooking. Anyone?

The Gillis Kitchen will provide condiments, utensils, plates, cups and drinks.

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