HELP Humane Cat Shelter – Cleaning – KID FRIENDLY (Belton, MO)

UPDATE – The HELP Humane Cat Shelter in Belton, MO, painting project, in prep for the flooring, is almost complete.

This event will now be held every OTHER Wednesday for deep cleaning/maintenance to help keep the shelter looking its best.

Kids that are old enough to follow simple instructions and do not require constant supervision are welcome.

Duties may include but not be limited to:

–Wiping down walls
–Sweeping floors
–Scrubbing concrete floors with bleach (until the new flooring is installed)
–Cleaning/spraying down cat cages
–Cleaning windows
–Other general cleaning duties

What to Wear:
Old clothes, shoes, smocks/aprons you don’t mind getting dirty.

What to Bring (optional):
–Scrub Brushes
–Work Gloves or Rubber Gloves
–Water Bottle, or they have soda for sale $.50/can.

DISCLAIMER: This is a CAT shelter. Despite the attempts to keep up with the litter boxes, and the occasional miss of the litter box, there is an odor. Some rooms are more noticeable than others. If you are allergic to cats, or are sensitive to odors, please keep this in mind before committing to this event.

About the organization:

HELP Humane is a non-profit committed to ending the suffering and killing of homeless, abused and neglected animals by rescuing, sheltering, rehabilitating and seeking forever families for these animals and educating the public on proper pet guardianship and the importance of spaying and neutering. HELP Humane Society sanctuaries the animals that are deemed unadoptable, by the public, either due to the animal’s physical or psychological circumstances. For more information, you may visit their website:

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