Help KC’s Needy and Homeless at Micah Ministry, now with a free health clinic

Those in need are always standing in line, but not at Micah Ministry, where they are the guests and we are the hosts who serve them as they sit at a table, including items from the clothing closet. Care Beyond the Boulevard is also offering a free health clinic so health care professionals who volunteer are very appreciated, to volunteer in the clinic, please send a PM to Mark Hern and he will get you connected with the right people. If you can be there at 5 that is ideal, but please no later than 5:15 for job assignments. We recommend trying different positions to find your favorite: food server, beverage table, dessert cart, clothing pantry, bussing, etcetera. Dinner starts at 5:30 and ends by 7 pm. It can be chaotic, but most volunteers find it very rewarding. On a typical Monday evening Micah Ministry serves 300-500 of Kansas City’s working poor and homeless. KINDNESS REMINDER: Micah Ministry welcomes a diverse population, and when we volunteer there we are asked to always be kind. If you see a situation where someone is not being kind, or you don’t know how to manage the situation, please come find Sharon Cantrell, the Pastor or a ServeKC host. AGE RESTRICTIONS: Because only basic screenings are given for our guests, there are rules to keep volunteers safe. Children 12-15 are allowed to work alongside an adult. Those over 16 may volunteer solo. DIRECTIONS: The Church is located on the south side of Independence Blvd in a large, white stone structure. One parking lot is behind the church and another is across the street on the east side. Enter the church thru the red back door inside the fenced parking lot, where the Security Guard stands. Go down to the basement, through the kitchen, and into the dining hall. As you enter the dining hall the name tags will be immediately to your left. Please make yourself a tag and add ServeKC so we can find each other easily among the 75 volunteers. We will look for any name tags that say ServeKC, but if we don’t find you please look for Denise in the men’s clothing room, or Kay and Morgan in the food plating line for any help. Thank you for volunteering!

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