L3 | Love Literacy Life – Fill The Bags Event

L3 | LOVE LITERACY LIFE got its start in the fall of 2014 after Board Member Kimberley Montini, a teacher at Mark Twain Elementary in Kansas City, KS confided to a friend that there were children at her school who were in dire need. Too many did not have adequate winter shoes or coats and the teachers and staff were not able to collect enough to provide for each. They needed help, and to answer that call a group of people came together to offer assistance.

**Approximately 95% of the students at Mark Twain Elementary in Kansas City, Kansas qualify for reduced/free breakfast and lunches provided at the school.  During winter and spring breaks, many of these children face hunger as there is not enough food at home.  It was from this need, and the rallying of volunteers in 2014 to meet the need, that the first food drive emerged, and that first food drive was the catalyst for our creation as a non-profit organization.

Volunteers will fill to the brim a rolling bag with food for the children to take home for winter break. 

Dress: Casual and Comfortable! 

Age: Volunteers must be at least 12 or older and attend with an adult.

**Please leave all valuables and personal belongings locked in your car, there is nowhere to leave them during the event.

Any questions, please feel free to contact me directly 913-744-5266 or dorris.kissee@gmail.com

Waitlist: If an event is full volunteers can join the waitlist. If a spot opens up, you are automatically added to the attending list in the order you joined the waitlist. Please remove yourself from the waitlist if you make other plans so the next available person can join in the event of a last minute cancellation.