Ronald McDonald House – Cookie Decorating and Game Night

***When you RSVP, please indicate what line number of items you will bring.  ALL attendees and guests taking a volunteer place must bring items***

Serve KC Volunteers will provide cookies and items to decorate them then cocoa and cider to enjoy while we play games with the kiddo’s.  Please choose a line of items to bring AND if you have kid and teen friendly games, please bring these to play and take home with you.  Games could be uno or other card games, candy land, monopoly, matching games, yahtzee, apples to apples (jr), etc.

1)  2 dozen sugar cookies, sprinkles and such, cups, plates, plastic knives, food coloring – Jill

2)  2 dozen UNFROSTED store bought sugar cookies – Soyoung 

3)  2 dozen UNFROSTED store bought sugar cookies –  Selena

4)  2 cans white frosting AND 1 can cocoa mix – Joni

5) 2 cans white frosting AND 1 can cocoa mix – 

8)  2 gallons apple cider – super cheap at Aldi AND 2 packages small marshmallows – Soyoung 

9)  2 containers Clorox wipes – Ginny 

***We could use a few plastic tablecloths to decorate the cookies on, if anyone has one, please bring it***

***Does anyone have access to a printer and thicker white paper that they can print 30 color pages or bookmarks for the kiddo’s?  Google something wintery NOT CHRISTMAS, print and bring. – Aimee & Guest 

Questions?  Feel free to call 816-582-6732 or <a>email Jill</a>

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