Serve Dinner at Micah Ministry

Micah Ministry provides dinner and essential personal articles to more than 700 people on an average Monday evening. This urban ecumenical feeding program relies on volunteers to serve the poor and needy in the historic Northeast area of Kansas City, Missouri.

There are no lines to stand in here — guests are invited to sit at a table and be served their meal similar to a sit down restaurant. In addition to waiting on tables volunteers also shop for guests from the clothing pantry. For examples if they need toiletries or footwear you’ll go to the pantry and bring the items back to the guest.

Please arrive before 5:15 for job assignments. Dinner usually starts at 5:30 and ends by 7:00. If you arrive on time, you will usually have the opportunity to choose your job assignment for the night. We recommend trying different opportunities to find out what suits you or you may find you will like to alternate jobs from one event to the next.

AGE RESTRICTIONS: Only basic screenings are given and because of this, only children 12+ are allowed. Children under 14 need to have an adult, one per child, but older teens are quite welcome.

PARKING: The Church is located on the south side of Independence Blvd and is a large blocked stone structure with large pillars in front. There are 2 small parking lots behind the Church. The lot that is usually full is where the building entrance is located. You will need to walk down the stairwell to the lower level. There is another small parking lot behind the Church to the west (right hand turn out of parking lot that is usually full).

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