Serve Dinner at the Ronald McDonald WYLIE House

***CHOOSE A LINE NUMBER OF FOOD TO BRING AND POST A COMMENT TO THE SITE WITH THAT LINE NUMBER***  All volunteers and guests are responsible to bring a line number of food.  

Please arrive at 4:30 to help prepare, dinner served at 6pm.  Once all the families have eaten, our group will eat together before cleaning up. 

As a reminder, left-over food, unless it can be frozen and re-used, stays at the house for the families to eat the following days.  Often when we serve dinner, families may still be at the hospital with their kiddo’s and come back to the house hungry after a long day and expect to find food in the refrigerators.   

Menu:  Chicken Noodle Soups, Grilled Cheese Sammies, salad and Chocolate Chip Cookies 

1.  2 fully cooked Roasterie Chickens – Janet 

2.  4 Large Containers Chicken Stock  – Krissy 

3.  2 Large Containers Chicken Stock AND 1 large package Egg Noodles – Krissy 

4. 1 large (or 2 small) package baby carrots, 1 package celery, 2 large onions – Faye 

5.  1 Package Velveta (store brand) Cheese ***PLEASE BRING THIS COLD, IT SLICES EASIER*** – Deanna

6.  1 Package Velveta (store brand) Cheese ***PLEASE BRING THIS COLD, IT SLICES EASIER*** – Ron

7.  Ingredients for tossed salad:  3 bags salad mix OR 3 heads lettuce, 1 package carrots, 1 package radishes – Carol & Bob

8.  Ingredients for tossed salad:   1 can black olives, 1 head broccoli, 1 pepper any color – Frances 

9. Cookies, 3 Loaves Bread, stock pots, griddle, cheese slicer, lemonade, pitchers – Jill 

10. 1 large tub margarine AND 1 large container Clorox wipes – Carol & Bob

Any questions, feel free to reach out directly to me 816-582-6732 or

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