Serve KC Volunteer Leaders WANTED!

Our Leadership Team needs YOU!  Spring & summer are full of charity runs, festivals and other fun volunteer opportunities that we cannot commit to without additional Event Hosts from our group. We can also use more Organizers to help connect with agencies we currently are not working with such as:  Special Olympics, Bridging the Gap, After the Harvest, New House and the list goes on.

Without volunteer leaders, we would not have the variety or number of events you see on your calendar each month. Serve KC is 100% volunteer run and much like our events, leadership requires only as much time as you have to give. If you have a few hours a month, that’s great; if it’s a few times a year, we can use your help too. 

Join us on Monday, May 23rd for an informational session where we explain the different leadership roles and how you can help. We will also get to know more about you and what causes you feel passionate about to help match you with the right organizations. 

Cannot attend but still interested? Contact Jill at <a></a></a> to setup a time to meet and discuss leadership opportunities. 

We are also looking for volunteers interested in helping with special projects like next year’s Volunteer Fair and our annual Birthday Celebration, or willing to lend their time as a graphic designer, photographer, writer, videographer, etc. to help support Serve KC. Contact Selena at <a href=””> to discuss any of these opportunities. 

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