Serve the Needy at Micah Ministry

Those in need are always standing in line, but not at Micah Ministry. Home-cooked meals are served directly to the table along with any essential items from the clothing pantry. 

Volunteers MUST arrive before 5:15 for job assignments. Dinner starts at 5:30 and ends by 7 pm.

Serve KC, along with volunteers from other civic and church groups, serve hundreds of poor and needy on an average Monday evening. Volunteers have the opportunity to choose assignments such as serving food, getting items from the clothing pantry or helping in the children’s area. It’s a somewhat chaotic, but many of the volunteers who find it rewarding come back monthly or even on their own. We recommend trying different opportunities to find out what suits you or you may find you will like to alternate jobs from one event to the next.

AGE RESTRICTIONS: Only children 12+ are allowed and must have an adult present under 16. Only basic screenings are given and we want our members to be safe.

DIRECTIONS: The Church is located on the south side of Independence Blvd and is a large blocked stone structure with large pillars in front. There are 2 small parking lots behind the church and an overflow lot just to the west. The entrance is on the south side of the building and their is a security guard. You’ll need to walk down the stairwell to the lower level, pass the kitchen and our group will meet to the right near the magazine table.

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