Trunk or Treating at Spofford Home, choose to give 30 or 90 minutes

Founded in 1916 as an orphanage, Spofford has evolved into a leading provider of preventative and therapeutic treatment services for children ages 4 to 12 who are suffering the effects of physical or sexual abuse, neglect or early onset mental illness. These are not problem children; rather, they are innocent victims who need our help.

The children at Spofford Home often miss out on ordinary holiday fun.  Let’s have a Trunk or Treat party for them:) 

Each volunteer donates a treat of either candy or a party favor for the 40 residents.  Because of allergies we must be careful to avoid any peanuts, peaches or latex, including any treat that has been processed on equipment that handles these allergens, please read the back labels to be certain. Giving the same treat to each child will avoid conflicts, a favorite party favor for these kids is a stress ball, which is an indication of how much these children need to have fun:(   

If you would like to help but are short on time, you may choose 30 minutes of  trunk or treating from 6-6:30.  Please arrive by 6, open your  trunk for the Trunk or Treaters and they will come by your vehicle to claim their treat! 

 If you can volunteer for the entire party, it will be 6-7:30. After the Trunk or Treating we will go indoors and play board games with the children until their bedtime routine starts at 7:30.

For this event all volunteers must be over the age of 15.  You are encouraged to wear costumes and/or decorate your trunk, but it is not required.  The main thing is to help these children enjoy Halloween like most kids! Can you help?

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