Volunteer to Dress Up and Scare for Fright Night!

Shoal Creek Association is a 501c3 citizen based organization (no paid employees), that educates school aged children and visitors about 19th century living and historical preservation through school programs and events. They run and maintain an 80 acre historic village that has about 20 buildings on the central cleared 15 acres.  They are a museum within a KC park.  

Shoal Creek, during the day, is a charming little town with buildings that date back to the 1800s however at night, it becomes a little scary. There is no lighting so it is very dark, perfect for fright tours. They are in need of volunteers to be staged in buildings/outside. They will have guides that will bring small groups of people through the town…..any one who would volunteer would be responsible for scaring those people. Wear your scariest costume. There will be a meeting prior to the event at 4:30PM at Shoal Creek to go over where each person will be placed.  The event lasts until 10:00pm. They will have pizza and drinks for dinner!

I won’t be able to attend and need someone who wants to take the lead on this.  Please let me know if you would be willing to take charge of this event!  It sounds like a lot of fun.

Deena Roe is the chairperson for this event with Shoal Creek.  You will be meeting at the mansion but for those who have never been there, she will meet you at the school house since it is a marked building, then she will direct you to the mansion.   

Their website is www.shoalcreeklivinghistorymuseum.com.  You can find more information on the website under 2015 Events for Fright Night. 

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