Wrap It Up! for Sherwood Center for Autism Families

About Sherwood Center:  Sherwood Center provides effective and innovative educational and therapeutic services for children and adults with autism and related disabilities. 

Since 1974, hundreds of children and adults have made dramatic improvements in learning, language, and social development at Sherwood Center.

Sherwood’s mission statement: Sherwood Center exists to empower children and adults with autism and related disabilities to maximize their potential in family and community life.

About this Event: Serve KC is adopting a Sherwood Center family for the holidays. Below is a list of needs. When you find an item(s) that you will purchase, indicate that in the Comments section when you RSVP.

We will gather at Kansas City Hospice for a wrapping party! Bring your gift(s) and wrapping materials that you may have on hand  (items such as scissors, tape, ribbon, tags, paper, embellishments, etc.) to create beautifully packaged presents. You don’t need to bring everything . . . we will share.

If you would like to to bring snacks to share that would also be great!


 1) The location for the wrapping has changed to Kansas City Hospice.

2) If you would like to donate items, but can not be there Sunday, you may bring items to me at Friday night’s TFI event or Saturday’s IHN volunteer event.

Boy, age 10: 

1.  Clothes, sizes 14-16 pants – Sarah Morris

2.  Clothes, sizes 14-16 shirts – Sarah Morris

2A. Gloves and hat – Carol Martin

3.  Socks – Ginny

4.  Underwear – Ginny

5.  Super heroes toys/walkie talkies – Sarah Morris

Boy, age 8: 

6.  Clothes, sizes 12-14 pants – Carol Martin

7.  Clothes, sizes 12-14 shirts – Carol Martin

7A. Gloves and hat – Carol Martin

8.  Socks – Mary O

9.  Underwear – Mary O

10.  Superhero toys – Mary O

10a.  Walkie Talkies – Sarah Morris

Girl, age 6: 

11.  Clothes, size 6 – Kelly

12.  Clothes, size 6 – Kelly

13.  Socks (shoe size 13) – Kelly

14.  Underwear – Kelly

15.  Toy dog – Kelly

15A.  Jacket (Medium) – Kelly

15B.  Play phone – Selena

Girl, age 5: 

16.  Clothes, size 5 – Kelly

17.  Clothes, size 5 – Kelly

18.  Socks (shoe size 12) – Kelly

19.  Underwear – Kelly

20.  Toys – Kelly

GIRL, age 4:

21.Clothes, size 4 – Kimberly

22.  Clothes, size 4 – Kimberly

23. Socks (shoe size 11) and underwear – Kimberly

24. Underwear – Ginny

25.  Toys -Ginny


26.  Gloves – Carolyn P

27.  Socks – Carolyn P

28.  Scarf – Carolyn P


29.  Gloves – Ginny

30.  Socks (shoe size 10) – Ginny


31.  Non-perishable food items – Tina

32.    Personal care items (shampoo/soap/toothpaste/ deodorant/toothbrush, etc.) – Jennifer B

33. The girls have a last minute addition to their wish list:  A dollhouse. – Callie

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