Call for Serve KC Volunteer Award Nominations

Do you know a volunteer that deserves recognition? Help us find the unsung heroes of Serve KC by nominating a volunteer for one of the awards below. Nominations are accepted by individuals or organizations wishing to recognize a member of Serve KC for their service.


Nomination Criteria
— Nominees must be a current member of Serve KC
— Focus on volunteer service for the past calendar year (2017), but will also consider ongoing efforts outside this time frame that illustrate the depth of commitment.
— Serve KC Steering Committee members are not eligible to receive an award. Current members are: Aaron Jamison, Tina Pool, Dorris Kissee, Jill Sigler and Selena Jabara.

How to Submit a Nomination
Complete the online Serve KC Volunteer Recognition Form:
If you need assistance or have questions please contact us at

Award Categories
— Helping Hand Award – This award acknowledges a volunteer who gives support, encouragement and guidance to fellow volunteers and can always be counted on to get the job done.
— Rising Star Award – Recognizes a volunteer during their first year as a member of Serve KC for going the extra mile at events, getting involved and inspiring others through enthusiasm and dedication.
— Above and Beyond Award – Presented to volunteers who consistently put forth extra effort at events and insures the mission is accomplished. Someone who makes a true impact and exceeds expectations.
— Spirit of Service Award – Given to the volunteer who is always smiling, cheerful and has a positive attitude no matter what the circumstances. Often singing the praises of others or the group.
— Leadership Award – An Organizer who demonstrates strong leadership, builds community and understand the values and mission of Serve KC. This leader is both dedicated and passionate about volunteering and inspires others to serve.
— Heart of Gold Award – Recognizes a volunteer for their compassion, dedication and hard work; a volunteer who exhibits drive, passion with no thought of reward or recognition.

Nomination Tips
To help your nominee in the consideration process, tell your nominee’s story in a compelling way to help the selection committee understand why the person or team stands out. Describe the impact the volunteer has had and include as much of the volunteer’s history as possible.

Here are some helpful things to consider:
How does this person’s volunteer work benefit the community?
Does this person take initiative?
Is your nominee innovative and creative in problem-solving or finding solutions?
How does this person inspire others?
Does this person demonstrate selflessness and commitment to the project, program and community?

When are the Winners Recognized
Awards will be presented at our annual Volunteer Appreciation Night on April 21, 2018. All Serve KC members and friends of Serve KC