Help with Kitchen Prep for Episcopal KC Community Kitchen

Evening prep teams will work with our kitchen staff and a few culinary students to prepare food items for upcoming meals in the community kitchen, Meals on Wheels or for other events.

All volunteers should be at least 14 years old, wear long pants, closed toe shoes and some kind of hat (baseball caps are great – or we can provide glamorous hair nets).

 Kansas City Community Kitchen is located in the lower level of the Downtown Community Services Center at 750 Paseo Blvd (8th and Paseo). Our parking lot is on the west side of the building with the entrance off of 8th street, which is one way heading east. Once you park, look for the “volunteers & deliveries” sign to point you down the ramp to the back door of the kitchen – this is where you should enter and sign in. You are encouraged to leave personal belongings behind, although some small lockers are available at the kitchen for purses, wallets, phones, etc.

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