Kansas City Senior Citizen Community Christmas Dinner – South KC area

Let’s help with the KC Senior Citizen Dinner on Christmas Day!  This was a wonderful event last year. Let’s make it happen again!   (Please read entire posting for information)

Serve KC volunteers will primarily be working with the Bus Unloading and Wait Staff. We’ll assist in escorting guests off the buses and getting them settled comfortably at the tables. Each individual will be partnered up with a volunteer for the meal. The volunteer will offer (and deliver) coffee or hot chocolate after seating the guest, then sit down and spend some time with them as though it were Christmas at home with grandma or grandpa. This group of seniors are often home-bound or may lack socialization, so the thing they want most is just to talk with someone. 

The senior citizens will enjoy a delicious holiday meal, and after all of them have been served, the volunteers will be able to join them at the tables to eat “while supplies last.”  There will be also be musical entertainment to add to the festivities, and a gift for the guests, which we might assist in organizing and handing out.

Volunteering for this involves delivering hot beverages to the guests, and working with the Kitchen Serving Line when it comes time to deliver trays of meals for the 3-course dinner from the kitchen out to the large dining area, and busing empty trays/dishes back to the clean-up area.

It is important that you let me know if your RSVP “+” numbers include children (and ages), so I can have some idea of how many volunteers will be able to deliver hot beverages and trays with plates and food on them without close supervision. In order for your sign-up to be counted, you will need to answer the questions that pop up, including providing your FIRST NAME and those of anyone coming with you, so that name tags can be made in advance. 

If at ANY point after signing up you find that you cannot attend, BE SURE TO CHANGE YOUR RSVP TO “NO” SO THAT OTHERS WHO MAY BE ON THE WAITLIST WILL BE ABLE TO TAKE YOUR PLACE. And if you are on the waitlist, watch your email so you’ll know when you become an “active” volunteer. If you are on the WAITLIST and at any point realize you won’t be able to attend if space becomes available, it is important that you remove yourself from the waitlist. Thank you for being courteous to other volunteers and to the guests at the dinner by following these guidelines!

When you arrive at the event (10:30 AM on Christmas morning), be sure to sign in with me (Susan Morten) to get your name tag and instructions, and sign out with me before you leave. Closer to the event, I’ll send out a notice to all volunteers to let you know how to find me there, and to provide a contact number. Thank you for being a part of this event…and feel free to wear a festive holiday hat if you have one!

Since 1977, a free Senior Citizen Christmas Day Dinner has been provided in multiple locations to serve the community. At the St. Peter’s Elementary School location, Serve KC volunteers will have a wonderful opportunity to brighten the lives of others (and our own) on Christmas Day!

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