L3 | Love Literacy Life Presents Camp X-STREAM

L3 | LOVE LITERACY LIFE got its start in the fall of 2014 after Board Member Kimberley Montini, a teacher at Mark Twain Elementary in Kansas City, KS confided to a friend that there were children at her school who were in dire need. Too many did not have adequate winter shoes or coats and the teachers and staff were not able to collect enough to provide for each. They needed help, and to answer that call a group of people came together to offer assistance.

During the three month summer break all students slide backwards a bit, but they generally regain what was lost during the first few weeks of school. Due to a variety of circumstances, students in economically challenged areas often don’t make up for the lost learning. The slide sticks and continues throughout their education, and we all know literacy is one of the most important avenues to bring people out of poverty.

With the help of generous donations, sponsors, volunteers, and school staff Mark Twain Elementary is able to open its doors to students once a week throughout the summer months for X-STREAM CAMP. During X-STREAM camp students participate in fun hands-on educational Science, Reading, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math, Music and Physical activities.

At Mark Twain 70% of the students are learning English as their second language. The Reading portion of camp is designed to assist students in maintaining and improving upon the language skills they gain over the school year, which greatly reduces the academic backslide they would experience over the summer if they were not in attendance.

Students who attend this program have shown to have drastically improved abilities and performance in all subjects during the following school year. All students will receive a free, healthy breakfast and lunch.

During X-STREAM camp students participate, free of charge, in the following subjects:


Volunteers assist students in picking out an appropriate reading level book and then sit down with them individually to listen and assist as the student reads aloud the book to them. Reading aloud consistently greatly improves the students reading, comprehension, and language skills


Volunteers sit with students as a teacher reads aloud to the students, exposing them to a variety of genres, writing styles, and the English language. This exposure has been shown to increase their listening, language, and comprehension skills, as well as their imagination. Read-alouds make books and reading interesting, helping to create a love of reading.


Students are assisted by staff and volunteers in checking-out/in books that they can then take home to read and share with their families.


Students will get to explore many different instruments such as xylophones, drum sets and percussion.


During the ART portion of camp, students participate in creating projects that go along with the theme of the week. They will be using clay, making sculptures, painting, print making, weaving, using watercolors, and creating stained glass.


During the STEM portion of camp, students participate in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math projects that go along with the theme of the week. This year they will create wind powered vehicles, cages, pulleys, bridges, ziplines, houses to withstand earthquakes, and devices for dropping things from a certain height.


Students will participate in fun activities that get them moving! They will play tag, bean bag toss, relay races, scooter races, and other cardio activities.

Dress: Casual and Comfortable, but we will be working with children so please no inappropriate outfits.

Age: Volunteers must be at least 12 or older and attend with an adult.

**Please leave all valuables and personal belongings locked in your car, there is nowhere to leave them during the event.

Any questions, please feel free to contact me directly 913-744-5266 or dorris.kissee@gmail.com

Waitlist: If an event is full volunteers can join the waitlist. If a spot opens up, you are automatically added to the attending list in the order you joined the waitlist. Please remove yourself from the waitlist if you make other plans so the next available person can join in the event of a last minute cancellation.

Note: This event repeats every Wednesday between June 28th and July 26th.

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