Mobile Food Pantry is Back!

Phoenix Family senior communities receive a monthly Harvester’s donation with a variety of food items. This delivery helps seniors supplement their often tight grocery budgets with fresh food and produce. Some volunteers may be asked to do heavy lifting when unloading the truck and carrying in food, so please let us know if you require a job without lifting. These deliveries can often be late or take more time than anticipated. The entire delivery and distribution should take between 1-2 hours, sometimes more and sometimes less. Please be flexible, we will contact you if there are any major changes in schedule. All volunteers will need a waiver before participating.   

Palestine Gardens/North has two buildings and two deliveries that take place on the same day. Volunteers can meet at 3220 Montgall Avenue, Kansas City MO.

PLEASE be firm with your commitment, we split volunteers between 2 buildings.

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