Ronald McDonald WYLIE House – Dinner Service


Sunday our group grilled out for Father’s Day at Ronald McDonald House.  We did not serve as many ppl as we planned so we have a LOT of food left-over.  To ensure that none of it went to waste, we are serving the left-over’s Tuesday night instead of the planned menu.  The ONLY additional items we need volunteers to provide are:  

6) 2 different kinds of ice cream AND 2 packages cookies (Oreo’s or whatever you like) – Carolyn 

8)  Ingredients for tossed salad:   1 can black olives, 1 head broccoli or cauliflower, 1 pepper any color – Ahlara

Everyone else who origionally signed-up to bring food items can hold them for next month, we will do the pasta menu or if you would like to bring them I can hold them for next month if you are unsure if you can attend.

Left-overs that we will be serving:  Steaks, hamburgers, brats and hotdogs, potato salad, corn, Zarda baked beans

Any questions, feel free to call or email me or

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